Top-Rated Spirit Box

The highest rated, reviewed and feature-packed ghost box for paranormal investigators and here are the SBox reviews BY investigators.


“Best Spirit Box Ever Made Hands down.

I own both the SBox and the SB7. Hands down the Sbox has so many great features. SBox is my go to spirit box every time. You guys thought of everything. Awesome design. I could go on and on about all the great features the S box has. I never go on a investigation without it and never will. Keep up the Great work.”
– Rothman, Canada

“SBox is an awesome little gadget!

Awesome little gadget! Basically a ‘smart’ spirit box, has many cool features that use updated tech to improve on spirit box devices. Plus it’s portable like a small phone. Rechargeable feature means no more batteries! Like the best parts of spirit boxes and a digital recorder mixed into one unit. Very cool, SB-7 users may want to pick one up and at least try it out!”
– N Banker

“Recording for the win!

Recording! Why has no one done this before? I like that it records direct not through a speaker to a microphone like we used to do with a separate recorder. So, that’s brilliant. And the spike detect is cool. Definitely helps decipher between spirits and normal radio chatter. On that note, just use a Faraday Pouch as they suggested to get rid of radio broadcast. You’ll be glad you did when something comes through and you KNOW it’s not the radio.”
– Norman

“This is the only one you need!

I knew there were angels and spirit guides around me guiding me but this is the one item that gaved me the proof I needed! Instant Yes and no to my questions! The unit is loud enough so you don’t need amplified speaker. My best purchase ever!!!”
– Lui Ascension, Canada

“What a great device.

It’s compact, but don’t call it little. It gets super loud and as a seasoned veteran ghost hunter, I love using tech in this field. I can safely say, this company has got a new customer”
– Ken, Nebraska

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